Data Security

Data security is of enormous importance to us, and we take vital steps to safeguard your customers’ information Level 1 PCI compliance Braintree is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider. Industry recognition We're on Visa's Global Compliant Provider and Mastercard's SDP List No prohibited data storage We don't store raw magnetic stripe, card validation code, or PIN block data.


Know where you stand Payments are complicated, but reporting on them shouldn’t be. We make it easy to track your transactions so that you know what amount to expect and when to expect it.

Get key insights with Control Panel reports

Advanced transaction search Filter by card type, created date, settled date, and more.

Dispute management

See transaction disputes and submit supporting documentation directly within the Control Panel.

Settlement batch summary

Pull transactions processed in each batch, categorized by payment method.

Fraud prevention Tools

  • In addition to basic fraud tools like AVS, CVV, and risk thresholds, Fraud Protection and Fraud Protection Advanced require no additional integration* and give you more insight and control to:

  • ecades of intelligence harnessed to offer better insight, leading to more accurate fraud prevention to help reduce losses

  • Industry-recognized machine learning powers customized filters and real-time actionable filter recommendations to keep you ahead of evolving fraud and help maximize revenue

  • Automatically decision transactions based on your unique business needs by customizing and testing filter thresholds through an intuitive user interface

Take Your Payments Global

Over 100 countries/regions and 130+ currencies globally Almost anywhere in the world your buyers are, we’ve got you covered with multiple presentment and settlement currencies, global fraud protection, and local payments expertise -- all in one integration.